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Location  Video Title Video Description Date Video Taken
Rochester Mom and Dad Arrival (10:02)

Toasting The Guests of Honor (6:43)

We through Mom and Dad a surprise 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Here are two videos from the event.  The first one is them arriving at the party, they were completely surprised.  The second words are a speech from me and one from my parents. 8-1-2009
Austin Natural Bridges Wildlife Ranch (7:39)

Natural Bridges Wildlife Ranch (1:48)

Feeding the animals from our car, getting our food bag stole by the Zebras, and learning how Ostriches go to the bathroom all in 2 hours at the Natural Bridges Wildlife Ranch Drive-Thru Safari. 10-21-2007
Singapore Fort Siloso (3:07)
Fort Siloso
is a coastal artillery battery and one of the twelve coastal batteries which made up ‘Fortress Singapore’ at the start of World War Two.  Fort Siloso is located on western tip of the island of Sentosa.
Singapore Cable Car (1:06)

Cable Car (0:21)

We took the Cable Car ride to the island of  Sentosa.  You get a good view of the land and water below.  Here are two videos of what it looks like below from the cable car. 8-13-2006
Rochester Daisy Eating Corn We found out that daisy loves to eat corn.  She had to learn how to eat it first, but once we she did she cleaned up the ear like a seasoned corn eater. 5-22-2006
Rochester Daisy & Marley Running The girls have really been able to open up their legs up here, since they have so much room to play.  In Texas, they can only run around in a circle, which gets boring pretty quick. 5-22-2006
Rochester Jessica Riding The Bull  
Jessica and crew went out on the town for her Bachelorette party.  One bar they visited had a mechanical bull.  Here you can see Jessica ride (and fall off) the bull like a true cowgirl.  The video was taken inside a bar so the lighting is pretty low.
Rome Spanish Steps  
In front of the Spanish Steps on our way to dinner.  This is the home of the Spanish Embassy to the Vatican.  It's also a very popular place to hang out and people watch as you can see.
Rome Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

We returned to the Sistine Chapel on this visit and I  secretly snapped a few videos of the interior.  Although your not supposed to take photos inside (not that people were listening anyways), it was too beautiful of a sight not to take some video.  For those non-Catholics, this is also were new popes are elected.
Pompeii Pompeii Gardens

Pompeii Body

Pompeii Coliseum

Pompeii Ruins

Pompeii was amazing.  Seeing the very intact ruins of a Volcano that erupted nearly 2000 years ago was truly unique.  The Pompeii body video is a plaster cast of a person who was excavated.  His skull and teeth are original.  The coliseum was once completed covered with lava, as was the entire city. 
Rome Inside Saint Peters  
Inside of the Basilica di San Pietro.  The most impressive Christian church in the entire world.  We went to mass at Saint Peter's and received communion there.
Rome Catacombs


The catacombs of San Calixtus were very cool.  We also got to walk along the Appian Way on our journey to the catacombs.  The Appian way is the worlds oldest "superhighway".  It was built by the Romans.  The catacombs were ancient burial grounds for Christian's who died in Roman approximately 2000 years ago.
Rome Piazza Navona at Night

Trevi Fountain at Night

A nighttime clip of Piazza Navona staring Sarah & one of Bernini's fountains as well as a clip of the crowded Trevi Fountain.
Pisa "Walking" The Dog  
On our way back to the bus from Pisa, we ran into this old man "walking" his dog.  As you can see, the dog was on a cart and he was pushing it around.  The old man loved the attention, although I'm not sure the dog loved it.
Pisa Leaning Tower of Pisa  
The infamous Leaning Tower of Pisa in the city of Pisa, duh!  This square gets packed with people and people trying to sell you tourist crap.
Florence Pizza  
A quick clip of our Pizza at lunchtime in Florence.  This is just to help us remember all the good food.
Florence Saint John Baptistery

Santa Maria del Fiore

Inside the beautiful Saint John Baptistery and in front of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. 5-12-2006
Florence Florence Police  
Watch as the Florence Police (it was the same everywhere in Italy, I only got it on film in Florence) walk buy one of the annoying street vendors, who is forced to pick up his fake paintings and then once the police have passed him he puts it right back down.  The same went for fake purses, sunglasses and watches.
Florence Ponte Vecchio at Night The view and nightlife atop Ponte Vecchio. 5-12-2006
Venice Cruise down the Grand Canal  Cruising down the Grand Canal on a vaporetto. 5-9-2006
Venice Piazza San Marco Nighttime in Piazza San Marco with Basilica di San Marco in the background. 5-9-2006
Venice Aerial View of Venice

Aerial View of Venice Lagoon

Bells going off atop the Campanile

 Views of Venice from  the Campanile di San Marco inside Piazza San Marco in Venice.  Shortly after the first two videos were taken the bells starting going off right above our heads, as you can tell from the video it was pretty loud, but definitely a good time.  The Aerial views give you a feel for what the city is like. 5-8-2006
Venice Frank Feeding The Pigeons

Sarah Feeding The Pigeons

Videos of just one of the many many times we fed the pigeons in Piazza San Marco.  For 1, this is definitely the best spent money in all of Europe in my opinion.
Amsterdam Dirk feeding the Blue Herons  
Dirk is a 80 something year old guy who we ran into in Amsterdam, he's lived there his whole life and the locals say he knew the Frank family (of Anne Frank lore).  He comes out every night to feed the Heron's and the pigeons.  The city has even installed a little sign noting that rare birds are in the vicinity.  When he leaves, after the feeding, all the birds follow him back down the road, truly amazing.
Windsor Guards at Windsor Castle The guards came parading down the road outside of Windsor Castle which naturally drew a big crowd. 4-30-2006
Rochester Daisy and Marley in Rochester  
Daisy chewing on a treat and Marley just chilling at Frank's parents in Rochester before we left for our trip, and before they destroyed 3 screens. :)
Austin KLRU Pledge Drive  Our Foray Into Television Stardom.  Taking calls for the local PBS (KLRU) station's pledge drive.  All talent agent's requesting additional work from us, should email us directly. :) 12-13-2005
Corpus Corpus Christi Our visit to Corpus Christi for Memorial Day 2004.  Footage is from on and around the USS Lexington. 6-3-2004
Rochester Our Wedding Our Rehearsal & Wedding. 8/1/03-8/2/03
Rochester Thesis Defense Frank's Master's Thesis Defense:

A Shared Memory Multiprocessor System Architecture Utilizing Uniformly Shared Level 2 Data-Only Cache

Rochester Frank's MS Graduation Frank's Master's Degree Graduation.
Real Media Video.
May 1998
Rochester Computer Engineering Picnic The 20th Annual Rochester Institute of  Technology Computer Engineering Alumni Picnic at Creekside Lodge in Rochester, NY.
Real Media Video.
Rochester Mom's Surprise 50th Birthday Party  
We had a surprise 50th birthday party for Mom at Antonio's in Webster.
November 1997
Rochester Senior Project Jerry: The Amazing Mouse

The senior project demo for Mark Bezdany and myself.
Real Media Video.

Winter 1996
Rochester Mom & Dad's Surprise 25th Anniversary Party  
We threw Mom and Dad a surprise 25th Anniversary party with about 90 family and friends.  In the morning they renewed their vows at St. Salome Church in Rochester.  The video is from the post-church family reception and the big reception in the evening.
Rochester Mark's Graduation and Party Mark's college graduation from RIT and party at our parents house were we had a pig roast. May 1994
Rochester Picking Walnuts Nuts picking Nuts at Casa di Casilio in Webster. 9-26-93
Rochester Christmas Day 1993 At home on Christmas Day 1993 with Mom, Dad, Mark, Debbie, Nonno and Nonna. 12-25-93
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