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Type  Title Description Date Taken
Video Frankie and Gina 2011 Birthday Montage Frankie Turns 4, Gina Turns 2 1/18/2011
Video Frankie and Gina Birthday Montage Frankie Turns 3, Gina Turns 1 2/1/2010
Video Frankie's Second Birthday Frankie's Two Year Montage 2/1/2009
Video Gina's Nursery Gina's Nursery. 1/18/2009
Picture Our Princess Has Arrived Pictures from Gina's birth. 1/17/2009
Video Frankie at the Table A variety of things hanging out around the table after dinner. 12/6/2008
Picture 20 Week Ultrasound At the 20 week ultrasound, there's a lot more detail in the Baby. 9/10/2008
Video Frankie In The Tub Talking Away while in the Tub 8/12/2008
Picture 12 Week Ultrasound Back at it again for Baby #2. This time in another country! 7/25/2008
Video Playing on the Splash Pad Having a good time getting wet. 6/22/2008
Video A Few More Steps A few more of his first steps 12/11/2007
Video Frankie Walking Ok, well not exactly walking, but he's getting close. 12/5/2007
Video Laughing Hysterically Frankie Laughing from Deep within His Belly 9/6/2007
Video New Facial Expression Along with the July Jabbers July 2007
Video Frankie's First Laugh Caught on Camera 6/19/2007
Video June Jibbers Jibber Jabbering and Playing in the exersaucer June 2007
Video 3 Videos of Frankie in 1 Trying to roll over, Sitting in his exersaucer, After a bath May 2007
Video Frankie Talking Two Jibber Jabbering Away Again 5/8/2007
Video Frankie Talking Jibber Jabbering Away 4/26/2007
Video Frankie Looking Just hanging Out 3/7/2007
Video First Bath The first bath for Francesco Leonello Casilio 2/22/2007
Video Hello There Just Hanging Out 2/2/2007
Picture Here's.........Frankie Introducing Francesco Leonello Casilio 2/1 - 2/2 2007
Video The Nursery Our Babies Nursery 1-13-2006
Picture Baby Shower  
Our Baby Shower

Picture 3D Ultrasound Pictures  
59 Pictures from our 3D Ultrasound at Clearview Ultrasound

Picture Sarah at 27 Weeks  
Sarah at 27 Weeks along and showing nicely
Video 20 Week Ultrasound Video #1 Here you can see a close up of the baby swallowing 9-20-2006
Video 20 Week Ultrasound Video #2 Zoomed out view of the upper half.  Swallowing again. 9-20-2006
Video 20 Week Ultrasound Video #3 Even more zoomed out view.  Swallowing again. 9-20-2006
Picture 20 Week Ultrasound #1  

 Don't open if you don't want to know.

Picture 20 Week Ultrasound #2  
Here you can clearly see the entire profile.  The lips, nose and eyes are all  visible.  The baby swallowed a couple of times during the ultrasound which was pretty cool to see.
Picture 20 Week Ultrasound #3  
In this picture you can see the entire body from the side.  The head, body and legs are all easy to make out.
Picture 20 Week Ultrasound #4  
This picture gives you a good shot of the spine.
Picture 12 Week Ultrasound #1  
Our 12 week ultrasound has much more detail.  You can clearly make out arms, legs, head, chest, and spinal cord.  We also heard got to hear the heartbeat again.  Everything checked out clean so far, thankfully.
Picture 12 Week Ultrasound #2  
Here is another shot from our 12 week ultrasound.  The baby was moving around a lot, jumping and waving all over the place.
Picture 8 Week Ultrasound Picture  
Here you can see a little more definition.  Some legs are present, and if you squint you can make out the head.
Picture 7 Week Ultrasound Picture  
Our first ultrasound picture, really looks just like a blob.
Video Mom and Dad Casilio Find Out Check out Franks' Moms reaction when she finds out that she's going to be a "real" grandmother. Dad was fairly speechless. 5-30-06
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